A Journey with Jesus through grief:
His company brings great relief.
I won’t walk alone –
He’ll make Himself known.
He asks me to trust and believe

promises written in His Word,
like grace – to me freely offered.
I cast all my fears.
He’ll catch all my tears.
He is Jesus, the gentle Shepherd.

I’ve tried to run ahead of Him.
I’ve been sure that the “this” was the “when.”
But I’m learning to wait,
And to God dedicate
myself to His perfect plan.

He knows the future I face.
He created me for just this place.
Tho’ I don’t understand,
I’ll cling to His hand
And together, but He’ll set the pace.

One thought on “Limerick

  1. Jennifer Deg February 21, 2015 / 8:32 am

    Beautiful! I used to struggle REALLY bad with depression, but thankfully God has delivered me from the spirit of depression. Hallelujah! I sought deliverance counseling and realized that a LOT of what I had been told was a chemical imbalance (and given medication for) all of my life was actually a generation curse that had been passed down from my father and his family. I was put on anti-depressants at the VA pain clinic to help with my pain after my accident, but quit those cold turkey last January. (The week following wasn’t the best week for my husband I’ll admit.) I still go through periods of sadness due to certain circumstances like the recent death of my daddy, and my surgery, but it’s normal grief now, not depression. I have to come into agreement with who I am in Christ and rebuke the enemy with warfare when he tries to attack. As believer’s, we have all of the tools to fight depression at our disposal (the Bible being one of them). Todd White talks about this in some of his teachings. It’s great knowing that we CAN overcome ANYTHING and EVERYTHING because of our identity in Christ! Amen! By His stripes we ARE healed! 🙂 Be blessed sister. ❤


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