My Pen Fixation

I have a particular affection for my pen. I mean, my pen.

I first realized that I had a problem – a possessiveness – at work.

I had the best job in the whole world, and worked with the most amazing people ever. But one day, I reached for my pen from the pencil cup on my desk, and it wasn’t there! Instead, there were several regular medium point pens with caps. What?!!! I eventually found it – by the copy machine.

You know how it goes – haven’t we all done it? Walked off with someone’s pen. That’s why stores tape plastic spoons or pretty fake flowers to their pens – so you can’t accidentally put it your handbag after you sign your receipt. (Not true – I opened my purse one day to find a pen wrapped in a fluorescent orange sticker with the name of a local grocery store on it!) And since my desk had the “master calendar” on it, it’s no wonder that I often went searching for my pen on someone else’s desk. And I would often find miscellaneous writing utensils on my desk that I did not recognize as my own.

I hid a pen in my desk, my favorite pen. Just the right weight and thickness to the barrel – not too heavy, not too big around. An easy sound to the click in or out. The smooth writing of a fine point blue ink retractable ballpoint pen. Fine point. Blue ink. Both critical characteristics of my perfect pen. If the ink starts globbing on the paper – quick, find a refill!

I bought several of them, and spread them around – not just at work, but at home, too. One in the kitchen drawer, one in my nightstand, two in the office desk drawer, two in my purse (in different zipper pouches, of course). One in my Bible cover, one in my big carry-all bag. Everywhere I could need it, there was one within easy reach.

And then in church on Sunday, as I writing down the pastor’s phrase that I didn’t want to forget, the pen wouldn’t write. In one particular place on the page. I was writing along just fine, and all of a sudden, the ink disappeared! I was writing quickly, so I didn’t notice immediately. When I went back to fill in the missing letter, the pen refused to release its ink. Very frustrating! I had to rewrite it in another place on the paper. (oh, such trouble, I know)

When I got home, I tested my pen on another piece of paper, and it wrote smoothly as usual. So I examined the paper carefully. Sure enough, it had a shiny surface. And the color ink from one page had laid another layer of shine onto the page where I was taking notes, rendering the paper unable to accept the ink of my  ballpoint pen.

I tried a gel pen – it worked just fine on the shiny paper. Bummer!

So I went to the store to find the perfect gel pen – fine point, blue ink, barrel weighted and sized correctly. Retractable would be a real treat! I bought two – one to put in my purse, one in the desk.

And I used it in my writing this morning. It took a bit to get used to – I have to lift it off the page a bit more than usual. But I like the way my penmanship looks. A little flourish to it.

Am I being unfaithful to my ballpoint? Perhaps. But life is about variety, even if it is always fine point blue ink retractable!

Do you have a common or household item of which you are extremely fond? Care to share about it? Use the comments below, or write a blog, but please link back to this one – I’d love to read what you write!

8 thoughts on “My Pen Fixation

  1. Julie Phelps July 2, 2015 / 9:54 am

    I have the same pen fixation! I must must must have an ultra fine tip pen or I go crazy! Medium point… No. Fine? It’ll do. Then I discovered the ultra fine tip and now I feel like I need to go to Office Depot and spend $1,000 on pens so that I have them everywhere, just in case! And with my writing and research, I write and take notes in spiral notebooks. So I write with pens a lot. But I have to have the thick paper in my spirals. College ruled.
    Depression. Anxiety. ADD. Maybe OCD? Oi.
    Rock on, girl!


  2. dawnlizjones June 30, 2015 / 5:00 pm

    AHHHhh! How I relate! Only mine is fine point, black ink, with a clip I can wear on my name badge at work. And yes, I have been known to buy and distritubute several pens (even if not my fave) around the house for the same purpose! I guess great minds think alike??

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  3. hlhivy June 30, 2015 / 10:59 am

    I have my own favorite pens – and it is all about the feel of the pen on the paper – does it flow well or drag, does the ink clump or float, and yes – fine point – is there any other point that can actually call itself a pen and not a marker? It’s good to laugh at my pen silliness this morning -thanks!

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  4. kbailey374 June 30, 2015 / 6:06 am

    I feel for ya Peggy! But my obsession is more with having loads of pens, paper, etc. I would die working in an office supply store – and die broke, at that!

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  5. cherylchristine11 June 30, 2015 / 1:13 am

    Yes, some pens definitely feel better! And different people have different preferences. My husband has loads of the same kind of pen and finds they’re always going walkies at work and at home, which bothers him some, Lol. I’m not sure what my favourite household item is, but you’ve given me something to ponder upon 🙂

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