Thai Iced Coffee

I remember that day – sunny skies and crisp air.
I walked with my jacket open.
The place was right across the street –
He said “Let’s go there.”

I looked down the list – I had no idea.
But Thai iced coffee – that could be good.
He didn’t know either, so he asked.
We took the recommendations and placed our orders.

The drinks came out first.
Mine – a clear glass, with this beautiful brown thickness
And swirls of white that moved slowly
Through the ice. I was enchanted!

I adjusted my straw and the swirls whirled
And skipped and floated and undulated and danced and
I pushed on the ice and the swirls twisted and curled and
Floated and spun and ever so slowly faded into brown.

I took a sip and thick cold gentle sat on my tongue
And then filled my mouth and burst.
So incredibly delicious!
(Sip it so the luxury will last.)

I wanted to drink it down, cool and creamy in my throat,
But I resisted the urge and showed restraint and
Exclaimed repeatedly on the
Flavor of this decadence.

Alas, the meal ended. The glass was empty.
But I could not let go – I wanted to take it with me.
No thought given to sugar or fat content – the reasons behind the
Glorious taste.

I stopped by on the way out of town but they were
Unprepared for an order to go. I ordered anyway
And sipped carefully as the too-large lid was
Taped to the wax cup.

The vessel could not contain the concoction.
It was wrong to try.
I think often and fondly as my tastebuds long
For the full flavor of the Thai iced coffee.

But perhaps the taste is not enough.
The drink requires the glass and the ice and the straw.
The creamy swirls are forever pictured in my mind
And bring longing to my tongue.


Writing201 Poetry: flavor (topic), elegy (poetic form), enumeratio (literary device)

3 thoughts on “Thai Iced Coffee

  1. Janice October 15, 2015 / 3:54 am

    Brilliant–your last line summed up the feeling you created in the poem😊

    Liked by 1 person

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