Telling Time in Florida

There’s (barely) a downside to living in paradise – no changing leaves, no completely clouded skies, no ice cold breezes, no snow in the air. No visual calendar to keep track of time.

I’ve lived with four seasons all of my life. At least, until this past March. And I’ve been confused as to what month it is ever since!

Shortly after we moved to Florida, I saw a road construction alert sign warning that work would begin May 1st. I couldn’t seem to remember that was just a few weeks away. It felt like mid-summer.  I mean, every day was sunny and warm – how was I to keep track?!

I knew summer was here when the morning temperatures started in the upper 70s with 100% humidity and just got warmer from there. But I’d handled heat and humidity in the Midwest, so that wasn’t completely new. What was different was the fact that those super warm temperatures lasted until mid-November! It rained last Sunday morning, and when the clouds cleared, the weather did too.

Now I forget it’s November – when I look outside, I’m sure it’s early June. The temperatures are beautiful, the humidity is manageable, and we have all the windows and doors open again. I’m grateful for the countdown-to-Christmas signs, because I have no visual clues that Christmas is 26 days away! I’ve never needed those placards before now.

Yesterday at the beach, as I floated in the Gulf’s waves under sunny skies with puffy white clouds, I thanked God for the opportunity to live here. It’s like I live in a picture postcard, and I am truly blessed.



One thought on “Telling Time in Florida

  1. Julie December 1, 2015 / 10:40 am

    I’m kinda’ jealous. But also rejoicing with you and hoping that someday I’ll be floating in the gulf full time, too.

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