A relapse, not just a bad day :(

So perhaps I was wrong. I had been hoping it wasn’t relapse.

But it’s been longer than a week, and I can’t shake the blah mood. My head hurts, my jaw aches from clenching my teeth. If I think about it at all, which I’ve avoided, I feel my breath get shallow and speed up. Last night and again today, I was overwhelmed with feelings of deep sadness; it took incredible effort not to cry.

I’m trying to figure this out.  How does the definition of depression change for a person who has had it before? Are the symptoms still the same?  What about for the 10th episode? Or the 12th? Or the 30th?

Does the ability to smile or laugh mean I’m not depressed?

If I want to stay in bed and sleep all day but I get up anyway, does that mean I’m not depressed?

If hopelessness is a symptom but as a Christ follower I have hope because Christ is with me, does that mean I’m not depressed?

If I’m not hungry at all but I eat because I’m supposed to, does that mean I’m not depressed?

If I want to be alone, just me and the TV, but I enjoy a little social time with friends, does that mean I’m not depressed?

If I can’t see “the light at the end of the tunnel” but experience has taught me that these blah feelings will go away, does that mean I’m not depressed?

No, it doesn’t mean that. It probably is depression, just not as dark and deep as I’ve had before. But depression again – and still real, still hard.

I’ll have to fight back; it won’t just work itself out. It won’t last forever, either, though I might think that at times. I might lose sight of hope, might doubt myself. I’ll probably talk to myself harshly and try to isolate more than is good for me. I won’t want to increase my exercise. I don’t want to take new medicine. I don’t want to do anything, except to curl up in a ball until depression disappears. Someone make it go way. Jesus, please?

In response, He reminds me that I’m not alone. I never have been, and He won’t leave me this time, either. He may heal me now, or not until I reach heaven. He promises either way that He will not waste my pain, but will use it somehow to help others. He loves me in the midst of my misery. And these things don’t change, with or without depression. Thank you, Lord.

5 thoughts on “A relapse, not just a bad day :(

  1. kbailey374 February 11, 2016 / 8:23 am

    re: “He promises either way that He will not waste my pain, but will use it somehow to help others,” thank God for that!

    I am in a bad-ish place too my friend, I think my rose-colored glasses re the move to FL have come off. I am so easily set off – anger, tears, helplessness, hopelessness, suicidality – and of course knowing what all that means makes me feel helpless and hopeless as well. I am praying through tears but not as much as I was. And it is real hard to read the Bible. UGH. Glad to know I am not alone but I am sorry you are going thru it too šŸ˜¦


    • kbailey374 February 11, 2016 / 8:25 am

      and ps, I was hoping “it” (the beginning of this) was not relapse, too.


      • peggyricewi February 14, 2016 / 12:16 pm

        Oh K, I’m so sorry! I wish you weren’t struggling so. Do you have good medical care? Have you found a therapist?
        I know you don’t need advice. You need to know that Christ is with you, and that I, among many, care about you. Treasure those words of God that you know in your heart and memory – reading the Bible can be virtually impossible in the middle of a depressive episode. For me, the words move and I can’t focus on the page. So the verses I’ve memorized in the past are those I cling to.
        I wish I could help. Just remember I’m here. You can email if you’d like, or text. or perhaps we could chat on the phone. I’ll email you my phone number.
        Love you friend. Hang in there.


  2. Julie February 10, 2016 / 12:15 am

    Yes, thank you Lord. Sleep well friend.


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