Saving on airline fares

Drove over 2900 miles, twice across 7 states. Listened to hours of podcasts and Public Radio. Visited dear friend and her family. Camped for 4 days with life-long family friends. Great vacation!

Body is sore and tired. 

Missing my kids. 

Didn’t take any camping pictures – what was I thinking?

Laundry is done. Camping boxes are repacked. Went back to work. Saw the masseuse and chiropractor today. Almost returned to normal routine. 

Just another memory. Time went too fast. 

The older I get, the more I have is just memories. Having a hard time living in this moment. It was easier on vacation. Now I’m left with longing for family and friends. 

One thought on “Saving on airline fares

  1. DeniseBalog August 16, 2017 / 10:11 pm

    Sweet memories shared of your vacation. I find the times I have experienced a “longing” are the vacations that were quick and memorable. When we stay too long, the visits don’t seem to have the same sweetness of remembering. You trip must have been perfect in length and time together. Often hard to recreate if we try to do again. Embrace the “longing”, the best souviner to bring home:)

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