Naming My Blog

I’m in the midst of a 5-day blogging bootcamp. Our first assignment is to come up with a name for our blog, which is causing me to rethink mine: Gray Clouds, Clear Skies; I am not my depression.

I’ve been blogging for a couple of years, in fits and starts. Not with any schedule, but more as the topic or mood hits me. I participated in several “classes” through, my blogging host site, which I greatly enjoyed. I may even retake one or two, just for the discipline of it.

I’d like to get better at this blogging thing, develop more consistency, maybe reach more readers. And now I’m wondering about my blog name.

I really like my tag line: “I am not my depression,” and maybe that would be a better description of my blog, but it’s not available as it’s own .com website; that domain has already been taken.

I might be able to rename what I have, and keep it here on I like that idea, because WordPress has great tools and support, especially to me as I am still finding my way in this blogging world.

Or I could build my own site, with a suffix other than “.com.”

Any suggestions?

5 thoughts on “Naming My Blog

  1. theapplesinmyorchard March 2, 2018 / 8:26 pm

    I’ll be interested to see what you do with this Peg. After blogging for a year, I still like my name but I feel like the enrichment aspect of my blog has been lost as I have blogging more consistently about other topics (home, family, community, etc.). I supposed it is easier to change a tag line than the actual blog name but let us know how it goes! Have you got ideas already?


    • peggyricewi March 3, 2018 / 10:14 am

      Did you intentionally move away from enrichment topics, or did it just happen? Your blog certainly has room for those discussions.
      I think I’m going to stay with I have no plans to monetize my site, nor am I consistent enough to warrant my own domain.
      But I do think I want to rename it. I don’t think the current one explains it well enough.

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      • theapplesinmyorchard March 3, 2018 / 10:32 am

        Thanks for this ongoing conversation, Peg. I will be interested to see what you come up with. My answer to your first question is two fold. I had a few pieces to which I received push back from community members about what I was writing in regards to TAG education. It hurt. I purposely moved away from such topics for a while. Plus, with both boys still at the HS, I do not wish to stir up the pot. They are holding their own, and my youngest especially really loves school. I would like to include more of those discussions as when I do post about them, I also am more widely read (although people are hesitant to comment. I think my posts about family, life experience, and teaching in general make my writing more real. I want to be accessible to all readers not just those with TAG as part of their concerns or niche. So, as I was disheartened by some of the local reaction to what I wrote, I might have moved away from those posts both intentionally and unintentionally. Does that make sense? I have thought about monetizing my site and selling some of my lessons and especially my math enrichment curriculum I used to connect the student body to our units. As I said earlier, I like my name, but am unsure about my tag line…perhaps it is okay. I also will stay with WordPress, as I like the platform.

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      • peggyricewi March 3, 2018 / 10:48 am

        I wondered if you had received backlash, or lack of support at least. It makes sense to me that you might revisit this topic once the boys are through the school system.

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      • theapplesinmyorchard March 3, 2018 / 11:20 am

        It was definitely backlash. Very disheartening. I will have to fill you in sometime.


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