Trapped with Insomnia

For many weeks now, I’ve had occasional bouts of insomnia. I’m not alone in this, by any means. Many women I know are awake for some hours during the night. Comes with age, I suspect, or hormones changing. Maybe that’s the same thing!

Anyway, it’s usually no big deal. I quietly put on my bathrobe and slippers, and the cats and I leave the bedroom, gently closing the door behind me, and head to the kitchen, where I make a cup of chamomile tea and fill their food bowls if necessary. Then we all perch in our places in the living room – the little boy on the couch with me, the female cat often on the pet climber where she can survey the room. I grab the throw blanket and put it on my lap – it’s very snuggly. Then, I sip my tea as it cools, and I read or write or sometimes knit. I often find myself blogging at this hour – seems like a typical time for me to write. The tea makes me a little sleepy, so I’m usually only awake for one or two hours. I’m very cozy and sometimes I fall asleep on the couch instead of going back through the cold house to the bedroom.

For the next few days, I’m trapped. We’re staying in an AirBnB, and there’s someone sleeping on the couch in the living room. So tonight I’m awake with no place to go! It’s too noisy to make a cup of tea in the kitchen. And the light there will shine brightly into the living room. Plus, where will I sit?

So I’m trapped, awake, in our bedroom. I have my phone screen on nighttime mode, and pointed away from my husband in bed, so as not to wake him, if possible. It seems like writing my blog on my phone is an option! Should I try to read my Kindle on my iPad – can I adjust that intensity to nighttime lumens? But what do I do with myself without my chamomile? I really want that cup of soothing tea and my cozy blanket!

It’s uncomfortable to just lay here. I might try sitting up in bed, but there aren’t really enough pillows to prop me up and support my back like a chair would. The room is tight, with space to get around the bed but none additional – no room to bring in a chair.

I guess I’ll stay in bed and read until I get sleepy again. Maybe I’ll have tea for breakfast!

2 thoughts on “Trapped with Insomnia

  1. Aunt Peggy December 23, 2018 / 11:03 am

    … and been there! Done that! If I knit in the dark I usually drop a stitch ! If I read a mystery I loudly protect the hero or heroine after returning to Snooze Land! Have a plug in for the tea which is reluctant to heat.. Writing notes seems impossible in the dark!
    Uncle Bill says turn on the light! Two hours is usually enough to return !
    Staying up later does not help either.
    Hallmark movies? Funniest thing— they always have a happy ending..Hugs..


  2. Aunt Peggy December 23, 2018 / 10:25 am

    … and been there! Done that! I had a plug in for the tea..😂 I seemed to always be reading a mystery and was heard to help the hero or heroine loudly after returning to sleep! Dropped a stitch in the semi-dark!
    Thus, I stacked my options in order of use.. Ugh! But like you I spend about 3 hrs. of games with myself..😂Often write notes which adds to more notes..Let me know when you get the answers.. Xs and Os Special You..

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