Getting Ready to Move

Moving is hard work!

I’m out of sorts this morning. Maybe it’s because the first thing I did – before I even got out of bed – was fix my Fitbit account – that took 20 minutes! Maybe it’s because I had to get up earlier than normal today. Probably it’s because I’m a little overwhelmed at packing up the apartment and moving within the next several days. This is going to be a weird weekend, as we want to be in our new house, but the movers don’t come until Tuesday.

We could start moving boxes from the storage unit and some from the apartment to the garage at the house. Maybe organize them by room. We don’t want to take them immediately into the house, as we’re having it cleaned and new carpet installed in the master bedroom and on the stairs. We don’t want to be in the way.

It will be nice to have all our belongings back together under one roof. Although I’ve discovered – by living in the apartment these past four months – that there’s a lot I can live without! I expect to do some sorting as we unpack, and get rid of some items, particularly small kitchen appliances, that I haven’t used for years. And they’re big small items – like a rotisserie and a bread maker; they take up lots of kitchen territory.

We have the walk-through today. That will tell us if we need to do any painting. In one room, the previous owners have lots of stuff on the walls. So we’ll check to see if we need to spackle and paint. Of course, our painting supplies are in some box in the storage unit, so they might be tough to find. I guess we’ll know what to do after this afternoon.

We close on the house tomorrow, get the keys Friday. Someone comes to clean on Saturday, and carpet is installed on Monday. Then Tuesday, we have movers lined up to help us with the heavy stuff, furniture, etc.

I’m overwhelmed, but so excited!


I’ve been thinking a lot about cardboard recently. Maybe because I’ve been surrounded by it.

The back of my Kia is full of cardboard boxes from our move to the apartment. There are three boxes still in my living room – one to go to Goodwill, one to go to the storage unit, and one full of packing paper.

My indoor recycling bin is full of cardboard – a box from Land’s End, one or two from Amazon. There are the food boxes – the one from the frozen dinner and the soda box that had the cans of pop in it. There’s the cardboard base for the frozen pizza.

So what happens to all this cardboard?

For the boxes that are recycled, cardboard is used to make chipboard like cereal boxes, paperboard, paper towels, tissues and printing or writing paper. It’s also made into more corrugated cardboard.” ( So cardboard makes more cardboard!

Other boxes, like all the ones from the apartment move, will be stored to reuse when we eventually move to a house. We’ll pack the apartment back into the boxes and load them up to relocate.

As they say, “Reduce, reuse, recycle.” We‘re trying!