I took a 7-question survey to determine my Word for the New Year. My word is “Bloom.” In fact, I didn’t like that word, so I took the survey again, answering the questions slightly differently, and I got the word “Abide.” Now curious to see if I could discover other key words, I took the survey two more times, slightly different answers again each time, and got “Bloom” again, and “Gather.”


I guess my word is “Bloom.”

I’m not particularly thrilled with that word. It makes me think of the quote “Bloom where you are planted,” which I’m not especially fond of. So I discussed it with my husband.

To me, that phrase refers to now- ness, accepting where I am without longing for someplace I was previously, or something more that I want, and instead accepting my current situation and thriving here. Not all bad, right? Except to me, there’s an element of settling, giving in, surrendering, capitulating. It has a mild negative connotation.

Upon further discussion, maybe it means being “all in,” or being mindful in the current moment. My husband said the word reminds him of roots that grow, of springtime and newness. He’s picturing a new plant; I’m visualizing an established flower. I think I like his interpretation better.

“Bloom where you are planted.” Give life your best in your current circumstances.

If I take that idiom apart a little bit, I can see that where I am is where God has me right now. It’s a place on the journey we’re traveling together, where He’s leading me and this is one of the stops along the way.

Maybe it refers to this season of my life. How can I bloom – or how should I abide – here and now? What can I do to bring Him glory in my current situation?

All the words the survey revealed – Bloom (2x), Abide, Gather – could all be applied to flowers. Flowers have to abide – stay deep in the soil – to gather the nutrients they need to bloom. And blooms are often gathered to make a bouquet, full of bright colors and fragrant aromas.

So maybe I’m a flower. I’m to abide – stay close to Christ – so I can bloom and produce a fragrant offering to Him. And I can be gathered with other flowers – other people in my life – to manifest His beauty from our lives. Our lives of blooming where we’re planted. Right here. Right now.


A Touch of Springtime

Back in November, a friend gave me four mini daffodil bulbs. I bought a small robin’s egg blue pot, and planted the bulbs tightly together in the planter.

I watered it, then stuck it on the back corner of my refrigerator, where it would stay cool and mostly dark. I made a note in my calendar for mid-January, to pull the pot out and place it in the window where it would get indirect sunlight.

Occasionally, I watered the pot in the fridge. More often, I forgot to look at it. Until it popped up on my calendar. I removed the planter from the fridge, gave it a good soaking, and set it in the windowsill.

I noticed that one bulb had popped through the soil, so I assumed that only three would potentially blossom.

I continued to keep the soil moist, and moved the planter into the window each day. Within a week, I had this:

The next week, my first bloom, plus lots of green:

Today, a second adorable bloom:

Springtime in February!