It’s an effort to talk

I’m way under budget for the average words per day that a woman speaks. 20,000 is it? Not me, not recently.

Two days ago, I talked to five people face to face. One was at the leasing office, when I stopped in to pay my rent. Two were in the pet aisle at the local discount store, and we shared kitty pictures and misbehaving animal stories – a full-on conversation! There was the cashier at the checkout, and I said “Hi” to a neighbor who came home to let out his dog as I was bringing in my groceries. So five people. Plus my husband.

Yesterday, I talked to three people.  Today so far, I’ve talked to the maintenance guy, the woman at the post office, and greeted another neighbor. I’ll make conversation when we head over to my husband’s boss’ place for dinner. I hope I don’t talk too much!

The thing is, I don’t have much to say. Other than introducing myself and explaining that I just moved here and I hope my house in FL sells soon, there’s not much in my day that’s word-worthy. Nothing significant to talk about. And since I’m new here, and learning about the area, I’d rather that other folks do the talking, and tell me things like who they chose for a dentist and who cuts their hair. Where is the best pizza and which church do they attend? What’s their favorite thing about living here and how are the summers?

This is not easy.  It’s hard to find people to talk to when you don’t know anyone, nor have any reason to see anyone. I left a message at a doctor’s office – that will be someone to talk to. And maybe I should schedule a haircut – there’s another person.

Man, meeting people in a new town is hard.